Immigrants and Media in Greece: An Empirical Investigation for the Period 2002-2008

Nick Falekas, Anastasios Karasavvoglou, Lambros Tsourogiannis, Persefoni Polychronidou
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XV, Issue 1, 43-54, 2012
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/343


In Greece, since immigration is a very recent phenomenon, the rise of nationalist and racist speech through the media as well as the reproduction of negative stereotypes of immigrants is a serious issue that should be investigated. Especially after 2004, significant changes occurred regarding the recording of current news. The aim of this research is to present the treatment of immigrants by the media in Greece, to analyze the role that they play in formulating public opinion on immigration and to identify any changes that have occurred in the attitude of the media towards immigrants in recent years. A key tool was the systematic recording, of the Greek news (Greek-speaking, English-speaking) in the E Centre from 2002 until 2008.

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