Enhancing Customer Service in Shopping Malls with an Advanced Chatbot-Integrated Concierge Device

Michal Maj, Artur Dmowski, Ryszard Nowak, Tadeusz Medzelowski, Tomasz Cieplak
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXVIΙ, Special Issue 2, 169-178, 2024
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/3397


Purpose: The primary objective of this study is to enhance customer service in shopping malls by introducing an innovative solution: a Concierge device equipped with an advanced chatbot assistant. The aim is to simplify mall navigation for customers by offering information on store locations, services, promotions, and events. Design/Methodology/Approach: The Concierge device features a monitor displaying an interactive mall map that users can navigate to find store details, locations, and opening hours. A chatbot integrated with the device provides a personalized shopping experience, recognizing customers via onboard cameras and adjusting interactions based on their emotions. The device also visualizes routes to stores and highlights promotions along the way. Key services such as toilets and ATMs are easily located through the device, which uses the chatbot to suggest nearby points. Findings: Preliminary research indicates that this advanced assistant enhances the customer shopping experience by providing tailored information and seamless navigation. The device effectively routes users to destinations while promoting additional services and events, ultimately improving shopping mall service efficiency. Practical Implications: Implementing this Concierge device in shopping malls can significantly improve customer satisfaction by providing accurate, real-time information and personalized guidance. Retailers and service providers can expect increased customer engagement and better promotion of their products and services through this system. Originality/Value: This solution integrates state-of-the-art emotion recognition and chatbot technology with interactive maps, offering a unique and innovative approach to shopping mall navigation. By providing personalized service and improving customer engagement, it adds significant value to the current shopping mall customer service landscape.

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