Strategies for Effective Cybersecurity Management in Organizations

Marek Ciekanowski, Slawomir Żurawski, Yury Pauliuchuk, Zbigniew Ciekanowski, Stanislaw Marciniak
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXVIΙ, Issue 1, 365-379, 2024
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/3364


Purpose: The purpose of this article is to analyse management actions aimed at increasing the level of cybersecurity within an organization. Design/Methodology/Approach: The article addresses various aspects of cybersecurity, referencing statistical data related to ICT security in enterprises as well as incidents occurring in businesses both in Poland and the EU. Analysis of incident data facilitated determining the impact of cyber threats on organizational security and operations. The research problem was formulated as: How can proper cybersecurity management in an organization influence its functioning? Corresponding to the research problem, the following hypothesis was adopted: Proper cybersecurity management in an organization enhances its operational efficiency. Verification of the hypothesis and obtaining answers to the posed questions required the application of research methods. For the research, literature analysis, the examination of legal acts concerning cybersecurity, and a detailed analysis of data from national and international reports in the studied area were utilized. The authors also considered their existing knowledge in this field. Findings: Cybersecurity management is a crucial element of contemporary organizational functioning. Organizations that do not take action in cybersecurity expose themselves not only to the risk of financial losses or reputation damage but even to the cessation of operations. Practical Implications: Cybersecurity needs to be approached systematically. It is extremely important to engage in cooperation and utilize solutions from entities that provide us with an adequate level of cybersecurity. Originality/Value: In this study, the authors presented the legal regulations of Poland and the European Union in the field of cybersecurity, described aspects of cybersecurity management, and presented the roles of cybersecurity management in the functioning of contemporary organizations. The authors also outlined principles that can help in managing cyber risk in modern enterprises.

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