Applying IFRS Mandatory: Evidence from Greek Listed Companies

Konstantinos P. Papadatos, Athanasios P. Bellas
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XIV, Issue 4, 71-96, 2011
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/336


The aim of the present study is to record the attitude of Greek listed companies towards the mandatory adoption of IFRS, in Greece. In this context, a questionnaire was send to the listed companies of the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE) in 2008. The 135 responses revealed the advantages of the mandatory adoption of IFRS for firms, the problems and the obstacles that they face for their implementation and their perceptions regarding how IFRS affect investors. In addition, it is examined whether the firms specific characteristics (size, profitability and the level of fixed assets) affect their attitude to IFRS.

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