Transportation and Tourism: An Economic Quantitative Analysis

Sambracos, E.
European Research Studies Journal, Volume II, Issue 1-4, 69-82, 1999
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/33


This article aims at the estimation of a trends model for the Greek tourist flow by different modes of transport (land, sea, air). In order to form the structure of this modal split trends model, first there is a data record and analysis of the tourist flow in Greece as well as the arrivals by each transport mode and nationality. A special reference is made to the cruising sector and yachting, their character and importance for the Greek tourism and consequently National Economy. Taking into consideration all the statistical data, there is a trends models estimation using regression analysis methods so as to explain and forecast the arrivals by each mode of transport using time as an independent variable. The article ends with some observations regarding the relation between the two sectors and the results of the econometric analysis.

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