Prospects for the Development of Photovoltaics in Ukraine

Aleksander Iwaszczuk, Ivanna Zapukhliak, Natalia Iwaszczuk, Oleh Dzoba, Oleksandra Romashko, Nataliia Krykhivska
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXVI, Issue 4, 308-338, 2023
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/3287


Purpose: The study of the photovoltaic market in Ukraine and the determination of its development prospects during post-war reconstruction is the main goal of our research. Design/Methodology/Approach: The article uses a review of the information available in the scientific literature and regulations, as well as on the Internet. The collected information was processed using statistical methods and SWOT analysis, which made it possible to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the Ukrainian photovoltaics market, while identifying opportunities and threats to its development. Findings: In the post-war period we should expect a significant development of the photovoltaic market in Ukraine, since: geographical location of Ukraine is favorable, significant deposits of silicon are located on the territory of Ukraine; Ukraine has a strong scientific potential for the development of photovoltaic technologies. In addition, the restoration of cities and villages will need to be carried out according to the principle of a “smart” city (village), taking into account the principles of sustainable development, including the generation of energy from renewable energy sources. Practical Implications: The factors that influence the functioning of the Ukrainian photovoltaic market, which are external opportunities, and factors that negatively affect it, the impact of which should be eliminated or at least minimized, are identified. The advantages and disadvantages of investing in photovoltaics in Ukraine are substantiated. Originality/Value: The research found that the entire territory of Ukraine is suitable for the development of heat and power supply systems using solar energy. The development of the photovoltaic market in Ukraine will contribute to the development of the silicon mining and processing industry, because Ukraine has silicon reserves both to meet its own needs and for export. The markets for related products will also develop. The development of photovoltaic technologies can also be a driving force for the development of electromobility, which in recent years has become a priority for the development of the automotive industry, especially in the EU. Ukraine also has the opportunity to use the infrastructure (one of the largest in Europe) of the gas transportation system and underground gas storage facilities to develop the photovoltaic market.

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