Spatial and Infrastructural Conditions of Functioning of the Contemporary Tourism Market – Analysis of Selected Issues

Daniel Szostak
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXVI, Issue 2, 337-347, 2023
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/3173


Purpose: The main purpose of the article is to indicate the role of tourism development in the functioning of the contemporary tourism market. The article shows the importance of properly planned tourism development in the service of modern tourist traffic. This article focuses primarily on the characteristics of the tourist offer, including accommodation services, and the analysis of selected specific factors, i.e. spatial and infrastructural factors that are essential for the functioning of the accommodation services market, regardless of whether we are dealing with a global or local space. Design/Methodology/Approch: The contemporary market of tourist services consists of tourist supply, which is expressed by service providers' readiness to provide services in a specific time and space, tourist demand, which is expressed by buyers' intentions to purchase tourist services, and prices for tourist services. The research hypothesis was defined as follows: The tourism industry and its infrastructural needs, which are necessary to ensure an efficient tourist service, mean that the creation and functioning of the tourist services market requires the involvement of large financial capital, both initial and development. Findings: Without a properly developed infrastructure of the tourist space, it is impossible to talk about its attractiveness and full operational and development functionality of the market. The development of tourism is a fundamental element. Practical implications: Properly correlated in terms of functionality and service, these factors determine e.g. the directions of development of the tourism market, including the accommodation market, and the shape of its supply side Originality/value: The article has a practical application. The results can be used by people planning the development of tourism in specific tourist areas.

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