Financial and Organizational Aspects of the Functioning of Primary Health Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Bozena Plonka-Syroka, Marek Stych, Beata Pawlica Malgorzata Kmak, Mariusz Migala
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXVI, Issue 1, 520-531, 2023
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/3126


Purpose: The aim of this scientific study is to analyze selected issues related to the functioning and financing of Polish Primary Health Care units in the initial period of the SARS-CoV-2 virus pandemic. Design/MethodologyApproach: The following research methods were used, the historical-legal method – selected legal acts and communiques issued by public administration bodies during the initial period of the pandemic, the dogmatic-legal method – a systematic and linguistic interpretation of legal acts, reports, and information on websites was carried out. Findings: The research results allow to draw de lege ferenda conclusions regarding the improvement of organizational functioning of Primary Health Care units. These conclusions will be helpful if new infectious diseases appear in the future. Making the rules for financing Primary Health Care units more stable will enable public authorities to better prepare for potential crisis situations. Practical implications: Solutions regarding the financing of healthcare services provided by Polish Primary Health Care facilities in the initial phase of the pandemic had a fundamental impact on the evolution of financing these medical entities in the subsequent stages of combating the pandemic and after its end. Originality value: The article is an original analysis of actions aimed at solving the organizational and financial problems of Primary Health Care units. The article may provide an impetus for an international discussion on the organization and financing of such health care entities.

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