Managing an Organization Through Leadership Based on the Values

Gustaw Michalewski, Tomasz Smal
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXVI, Issue 1, 82-93, 2023
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/3098


Purpose: Assuming that the concept of value-based leadership is one of the most effective ways of managing a contemporary organization, authors - based on their experience and a broad literature review - decided to identify key values that should be taken into account within the discussed management style. Design/Methodology/Approach: The paper was created on the basis of the knowledge and experience accumulated by the authors in the course of their military service, both while performing official duties as officers in commanding and managerial positions in a military unit, and during the teaching process as lecturers at the Military University of Land Forces. The authors' participation in military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan was also an important empirical basis for the analysis of the issues included in the study. The research material was collected in the course of participant observation during the fulfillment of a number of the aforementioned leadership roles and functions, and in the course of the didactic process at a military academy. Findings: One of the most important achievements in the field of leadership, which is the ability to build sustainable organizations, aimed at achieving a common goal, which is the common good, is leadership based on values. The research succeeded in identifying the key values that are critical to the effective management of the organization. The analyzes made it possible to conclude that the dignity of the person and the common good occupy a priority place in the hierarchy of values that should be followed by every manager. Practical Implications: The search for sources of effective leadership usually begins with defining the classic requirements for creating an effective organization, i.e., presenting the vision, mission, strategy, goals and tasks of the organization, so that decisions can be made as to the appropriate ways of its operation. Therefore, this adequacy should correspond in the first place with the "big five" announced by the leader. Moving in the direction set out above provides value-based leadership. Originality/Value: The article points the changes and challenges in the functioning of organization within last years and indicates the need to consider change in style of management by introducing leadership based on values.

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