Intensity of Commercial Communication in Poland in the Field of Dietary Supplements

Katarzyna Hys, Dominika Barbara Matuszek, Krzysztof Olejnik,Karol Bierczynski
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXV, Issue 4, 404-414, 2022
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/3089


Purpose: The purpose of the paper is to analyse and evaluate the frequency of commercial communications on health products and medicine with special consideration of dietary supplements. Design/Methodology/Approach: The paper features a quantitative data analysis concerning the number of commercial communication aired in a single week in four Polish TV stations: TVP1, TVP 2, POLSAT, TVN on supplementary, health products and medicine, with special consideration of dietary supplements. Findings: The analysis allowed for the presentation of the frequency of commercial communications on the studied products. It was demonstrated that the intensity of commercial communications on dietary supplements is high, thereby translating into dynamic growth of the industry and its sales. Furthermore, it was demonstrated that there are many different dietary supplements and that their availability in the market is unlimited. Practical implications: Commercial communications on dietary supplements in the vitamins and fortifying preparations category suggests that a substantial portion of consumers should supplement the deficiencies of ingredients from this group. Originality/value: The aim of raising the issue is to provoke a discussion on the potential opportunities and threats concerning the intense promotion of dietary supplements and other supplementary products around the world.

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