The Use of Lean Management Tools in Production Companies with Implemented Total Quality Management (TQM)

Emil Ratter, Stanislaw Nader
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXV, Issue 3, 357-368, 2022
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/3036


Purpose: The article compares the eight principles of TQM with selected Lean Management tools in order to identify possibilities to optimize quality processes in production companies. Designt/Methodology/Approach: The aim of the research was to identify Lean Management tools that can support the eight principles of the TQM concept implemented by manufacturing companies. The theoretical and cognitive objective was to review the subject literature and scientific studies in the field of broadly understood quality management. The analysis of the presented problem made it possible to notice the previously unidentified potential of the TQM concept to improve quality processes in terms of effectiveness. Findings: The generated conclusions will allow TQM concept-based manufacturing companies to increase the probability of effectiveness of quality processes using selected Lean Management tools. Practical implications: Lean Management tools have been presented in a form that enables their practical application in the TQM concept. The result of the conceptual work are recommendations for companies that employ the TQM concept, as to the possibility of implementing individual Lean Management tools in this concept. Originality/Value: The authors present the possibilities of using individual Lean Management tools in businesses that operate on the basis of the TQM concept. The implementation of Lean Management elements requires many activities that lead to far-reaching changes in the functioning of the business, which, however, bring undeniable benefits in the organizational and economic domains. An organizational culture based on Lean Management is the foundation of effective and modern quality management, also in companies that already function on the basis of the TQM concept.

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