Flexible Forms of Employment in the Times of Covid-19

Janusz Przybyl
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXV, Special Issue 3, 31-40, 2022
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/3016


Purpose: The aim of the paper is to present transformations which appeared in organizations within the change of traditional forms of employment to flexible forms of work and online work, as well as implementation of hybrid management in these organizations. Design/Methodology/Approach: Research method used – the analysis of secondary data available in publications related to behavior of enterprises from the beginning till the end of COVID-19 pandemics, as well as interviews with entrepreneurs. Findings: Due to editorial limitations this article includes only fragments of research results related to the discussed issue. They, however, show the results of dynamic changes in the operations of enterprises, especially in the area of office works. As consequence of these operations, transformations in the strategy of actions of these organizations, have been implemented. Practical implications: Performed analysis of data enables to draw conclusions connected with a sudden and unexpected situation caused by COVID-19 pandemics which resulted in changes in forms of employment. Employers’ initial concerns about the possibility of controlling employees’ work, costs connected with additional equipment or checking work discipline ceased to have greater significance with the course of time. Remote work and workers’ engagement occurred to be effective. Appropriate trainings of managers within the process of managing distributed workforce also brought anticipated effects. As a consequence a lot of organizations continue flexible forms of employment because of saving costs connected with renting office spaces, the possibility of recruiting high qualified workers unavailable on a local labor market. Unfortunately, there is no ideal system. A significant increase of workers’ low self-esteem, stress and anxiety has been noticed. Originality/ value: The originality of research can be evaluated from the point of view of phenomena assessment possibility. Pandemics is not something untypical, however there had not been such industrialization of economy and engagement of workforce before. Thus, it seems justified, to continue research concerning flexibility of employment forms as a very important aspect being in the scope of interest of social sciences. It is, however, crucial to incorporate negative influence of this form of employment.

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