Investigating the Logistics Coopetition in Macroeconomic Perspective - Comparative Analysis of V4 Countries

Blanka Tundys, Piotr Niedzielski
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXV, Issue 2B, 439-454, 2022
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/2980


Purpose: The article aims to show that by using objective indicators of economic sectors, it is possible to create fields of common strategic action based on the principles of coopetition, which have so far been used only at the level of enterprises. Expanding the perspective of the use of the concept of co-opetition not only contributes to the development of science but also shows from a practical point of view that in the field of economically or politically connected economies it is possible to compete and co-operate at the same time. Design/Methodology/Approach: Basing on the previously developed LPI and other selected micro- and macroeconomic indicators of selected economies, using the methods of descriptive statistics, the areas of potential cooperation and competition of national economies in the field of logistics and their possible effects are developed and presented. Findings: The novelty of the considerations is the application of the macroeconomic approach, which has not been used so far in coopetition. And focus on proving that simultaneous cooperation and competition in different areas of logistic efficiency of a group of countries can bring win-win effects for each of them. The novelty of the considerations is the implementation of the concept of co-opetition on the level of the whole economy, using it to examine areas of logistic efficiency and to indicate the potential benefits of using this strategy. Practical Implications: The advantage of using the LPI indicator in the deliberations is to indicate that with its help it is possible to determine the areas of coopetition of individual groups of countries. Such an approach can contribute to strengthening the cooperation between different links in supply chains, creating and proposing new chain strategies that are more efficient and create greater value and competitiveness. Originality/value: The originality of the considerations is an attempt to grasp and justify the possibility of using the concept of coopetition in the context of entire economies, not just enterprises or supply chains, and the search for cooperation and competition in these fields. A research gap has been found in the literature, as this context has not been considered so far, and by using an objective measure of logistics performance it has been shown that when comparing economic sectors it is possible to go beyond just enterprises and focus on national economies.

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