Categorical Characteristics of Wine Classifications in the System of Internal Regulation of Accounting

Liubov Gutsalenko, Uliana Marchuk, Serhiy Zabolotnyy, Nataliia Ostapiuk, Natalia Tsaruk
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXV, Issue 2, 543-554, 2022
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/2972


Purpose: The article aims to present and discuss the categorical characteristics of wine classifications in the system of internal accounting regulations. Design / Methodology / Approach: Developing the wine industry in Ukraine and increasing the strictly regulated geographical location of grapes and all stages of production of controlled wines by origin require strengthening Ukrainian legislation on wine labeling requirements, classification methods, control of names quality control, and its institutional consolidation. Conclusions: The interdependence of domestic and foreign markets for raw materials and accounting regulation system affects the application of the method of accounting for business transactions, as well as the relationship between the provisions of accounting, contractual, and tax policies. Practical implications: The presented internal regulation of accounting of wine production is provided by the accounting policy, which highlights the relationship of elements of the accounting method in the system of contractual and tax policies aimed at quality characteristics of wines and business results of wine companies. Originality / Value: It is proven that the effectiveness of control and information accounting functions in the management system provides quality characteristics of wines and economic results for wine companies.

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