The Functioning Concept of the Stabilization System of the Power Grids Operation in Terms of Supply Chain Phases in Operations Based on a Hydrogen Energy Buffer

Marcin Rabe, Barbara Czerniachowicz
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXV, Issue 2B, 298-306, 2022
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/2962


Purpose: The aim of the research undertaken in the article is to present the concept of the functioning of the system of stabilization of the operation of power grids in terms of supply chain phases into activities based on the hydrogen energy buffer from the use of hydrogen. Design/Methodology/Approach: There is a research gap in the world literature related to the project of the concept of stabilizing the operation of power grids. This article assumes that the main factor destabilizing the operation of power grids in the long term is the surplus of energy from RES (supply phase). There is no interdisciplinary approach to the presented issues, therefore the common area discussed in the article is of great scientific and application significance. Findings: The current work on hydrogen technologies shows that the use of hydrogen in the economy adjusts the systems to its extraction, production and distribution. In this scope, there must be comprehensive design and management of processes in the phase of supply, production, storage and distribution of hydrogen, in terms of efficiency and maximum support for the achievement of socio-economic goals. Practical Implications: Solving the problem related to the instability of renewable energy sources due to the dependence of the volume of energy produced on uncontrolled factors. In the near future, this problem will only increase due to the increase in the number of producers of electricity from RES and the instability of the operation of power grids. Therefore, it is important to prepare a concept for the operation of the power grid stabilization system in terms of the supply chain phases. Originality/Value: The priority direction of political actions in the field of sustainable development of the energy sector is the course of the energy transformation (decarbonisation) and the flourishing share of renewable energy sources (RES) in the primary energy supply. It is an innovative research area, integrating both theoretical achievements in the field of hydrogen supply chains and the operation and development of power grids.

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