The Impact of RES Development on the Distribution Network, Based on the Example of the Polish DSO

Wojciech Drozdz, Jakub Dowejko
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXV, Issue 2, 432-443, 2022
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/2945


Purpose: Apart from many challenges and new development directions, the energy transformation also determines many variables that fit into the new realities of the industry with fairly well-established foundations. One of them is certainly the power generation sector. A huge challenge for the European Union Community is the creation of new legal regulations that will be universal for all EU members, but above all, possible to be implemented in the target countries. Design/methodology/approach: With regard to national regulations in Poland, new legislative solutions are necessary for the implementation of innovative technological solutions, based, for example, on the operation of hydrogen buffers or a huge number of new prosumers i.e. entities simultaneously producing and consuming electricity for their own use. Findings: There are many benefits to using renewable energy sources on your farm. It also allows for great independence from energy supplies from power plants, but above all, they are environmentally friendly (they do not emit practically any harmful compounds into the atmosphere). Practical implications: The presented study contains basic information on the types of micro-installations and their development over the years. A detailed list of connections to the grid of new installations in 2020 on the distribution grid of Enea Operator (DSO) was also presented.

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