Maritime Container Terminal Service Quality in the Face of COVID-19 Outbreak: Forwarders’ View

Jedrzej Charlampowicz, Cezary Mankowski
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXV, Issue 2B, 14-23, 2022
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/2932


Purpose: The study aims to determine and evaluate the mutual relation between price and selected factors of service quality of the maritime container terminal. Moreover, the forwarders’ view of the change of the service quality and price level in the major polish container terminals during COVID-19 has been taken under consideration, as well as the forwarders’ enterprises situation during the ongoing pandemic. Methodology: A few research methods were applied: literature review, questionnaire method, DEAMTEL, comparative analysis. Findings: Research revealed the relation between quickness of the service, security, and price aspects. The quickness of the service has been identified as an effect, while security and price factors have been identified as a cause. The ongoing pandemic caused a decrease in the quickness of the service and a slight increase in price in the examined maritime container terminals. Forwarders that took part in the study, have increased their market share through an increase in the number of orders. Practical implications: The results of the study could be considered as an interesting source of information for maritime container terminal operators and freight forwarders. Originality: This research is the first that attempted to determine the mutual relation between various factors of service quality and price at the maritime container terminal. Moreover, the study presents the change of the forwarders’ situation during the COVID-19.

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