Corporate Social Responsibility in Airports: A Study of the Largest Polish Airports

Wojciech Leonski
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXV, Issue 2, 198-209, 2022
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/2915


Purpose: The main aim of this paper is to identify and compare areas of social responsibility at the largest Polish airports, based on the ISO 26000 standard. Approach/Methodology/Design: The article uses the prevailing literature as well as analysis and evaluation of documents, reports, and the websites of the largest Polish airports. The analysis was conducted in 2021. Findings: The obtained results will help to indicate the most important areas of corporate social responsibility of the largest Polish airports. Practical Implications: The results of the research can be used as a starting point for further deliberations in the area of social responsibility of airports and as a basis for developing existing and implementing new CSR practices. In the future, it is suggested to perform similar research on the presented topics in a larger group of airports. Originality/Value: The research indicates that the largest Polish airports undertake very similar CSR activities. The exception in this case are two areas of CSR, i.e., Fair operating practices and Community involvement and development. The results of the analysis also demonstrate that Kraków Airport deserves special recognition, as it conducts active operations in all areas of CSR, as per the ISO 26000 standard. It shows that the largest Polish airports are aware of the benefits of pro-social and pro-ecological activities, as confirmed by their active involvement in CSR activities.

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