Analysis of the Organizational Culture of a University in the Opinion of Civil and Military Students

Marlena Niemiec
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXV, Issue 1, 549-562, 2022
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/2870


Purpose: The main purpose of this article was to establish and demonstrate the relationship between changes in perception of university’s organizational culture in the opinion of students from civil and military universities. Approach/Methodology/Design: The main research problem was presented in the form of the following question: Is there a relation between the type of university (Civil vs. Military) and the students’ perception of the university’s organizational culture? In order to solve the presented research problem, a diagnostic poll method was used, carried out by means of a survey technique, with the use of a survey questionnaire tool. Statistical analyzes were carried out with the use of IBM SPSS Statistics 26 package. Thanks to it, frequently analysis, the cross-table analysis with chi-square test and rho-Sperman correlation analysis have been made. The study involved 890 students at both civil and military universities. Findings: It can be stated that empirical research about organizational culture, especially in the context of universities and research on the students’ opinions on this subject will allow for the development of new solutions regarding the functioning of universities which will also allow the adaptation of the educational offer to the current, changing needs of students. Practical Implications: The obtained empirical data made it possible to establish a direct relation between the variables such as elements of organizational culture, changes in it and relations with the external environment and the perception of the organizational culture of the university from the point of view of civil and military students. Originality/Value: The article presents the author’s approach to the question of researching the opinion of civil and military students in the context of changes and elements which create the organizational culture of university which students study in. The problem discussed in the article is timeless and extremely important because students have an influence on the shape and changes in organizational culture of universities in which the study.

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