Case Study Method as an Interdisciplinary Approach to the Issue of Estimating the Security Level

Milena Palczewska, Grzegorz Pilarski
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXV, Issue 1, 296-307, 2022
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/2853


Purpose: The article presents the case study method, which allows the use of an interdisciplinary approach to multi-faceted estimation of the security level (in various dimensions). Design/Methodology/Approach: Due to numerous threats, forecasting, as rational, scientific, predicting future events, i.e., inferring about unknown events based on known events, has become an important element of security sciences. It allows to predict future events with high probability and thus effectively react in a crisis or conflict situations. Findings: 21st century has been dominated by information technologies, and information itself is becoming an extremely valuable resource. Therefore, main finding is method of estimating the level of security - scheme of analysis (eight stages) of any potential threat, incident or phenomenon in the scope of security level estimation. Practical implications: The content of the article can be useful to theorists and practitioners who are concerned with security in all dimensions. Originality value: State security is a derivative of many different - individual and group - values in the field of security. Security, however, cannot be seen as the algebraic sum of the security of individuals and social groups, and international security as the sum of the security of individual states. A nation perceives its security through the prism of challenges and threats caused by conflicts that occur in a given society or its neighbourhood.

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