A Study on the Determinants of Consumer Online Purchasing Behaviour

Artur Kwasek, Magdalena Maciaszczyk, Damian Kocot, Marek Martin, Maria Kocot
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXIV, Special Issue 4, 658-671, 2021
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/2797


Purpose: To identify purchasing determinants that affect online consumers. Design/Methodology/Approach: The study was conducted in 2021 on a random sample of 945 respondents with the use of a questionnaire. Thanks to the research it was possible to list the variables influencing consumer online shopping behaviour. For this purpose, a structural model was estimated using the maximum likelihood method. Findings: The strength of influence between endogenous variables, i.e., the mentioned aspects, was shown. By analysing these dependencies, it is possible to establish dependencies that can give an image of the purchasing behaviour of consumers at virtual points of sale. Practical Implications: The results of the research show dependencies that shape the consumer online purchase behaviour. Determining the corelations makes it possible to highlight the significant correlations of shopping variables and their strength of influence. Thanks to this, universal purchasing trends can be determined, taking into account that the purchasing variables are primarily influenced by the gender of the buyer.

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