Political and Military Turbulences in the International Arena: Cold War and the New-Cold War in the Context of the Security of the European Continent

Jerzy Bedzmirowski, Mateusz Zietarski
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXIV, Special Issue 4, 634-645, 2021
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/2794


Purpose: This article presents the challenges and threats that determine Europe's security. While creating the catalogue the authors show the characteristics of the threats to the Cold War and New-Cold War realities. Historical and comparative analysis lead to conclusions and proposals that the authors formulate as a postulate of changes for Europe in the face of changes taking place in the contemporary security environment. Approach/Methodology/Design: The adopted research methods, such as: critical analysis of literature, historical analysis, comparative analysis are focused on the Cold War and New-Cold War rivalry and its impact on the security of Europe. The aim of the research is possible to achieve by supplementing the above methods with the extrapolation method, which is a kind of bridge connecting the realities of the Cold War world and New-Cold war. Findings: Research focused on historical analysis and extrapolation methods show changes in the subjectivity and objectivity of turbulences in Europe over the years (Cold War and New-Cold War). Cyclicality as the basic element of extrapolation shows many similarities and differences between the described periods and their impact on international security. Practical Implications: The research diagnoses safety in Europe. The results of the comparative analysis show the differences between the era of the Cold War and the new Cold War, and the consequence is to show the reasons for the process of the new balance of power in Europe. The results of the work are a valuable explanation of what is happening in Europe - the weaker role of the USA, NATO's capabilities and tasks, Russia's new pact for Europe, actions in Ukraine and Belarus. Originality/Value: The declaration of originality of the topic is an analysis of Europe's security from a comparative perspective of the Cold War and the new Cold War, and an indication of new methods, techniques and tools in the international security environment.

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