Ergonomic Reengineering of Real-Time Human-Machine Interaction as a Safety Component of Modern Manufacturing Technologies

Malgorzata Sławinska, Anna Zwolankiewicz
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXIV, Special Issue 5, 166-178, 2021
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/2710


Purpose: The aim of the research presented in the article is to validate the method of ergonomic reengineering (RE) of human-machine interaction in a new environment of real-time data implementation due to the safety of using modern manufacturing technologies. In the research process, a procedure analogous to the cyclical model of the chain reconfiguration of the use of automated devices, which is characteristic of Industry 4.0, was adopted. Methodology: Ergonomic reengineering of human-machine interaction enables the incorporation of knowledge about the symptoms of psychophysical overload into the area of technique design. Modelling the phenomena occurring in the environment of the employee is a source of information on the mechanisms regulating working conditions for maintaining the optimal level of the task load. In difficult and extremely difficult situations, the RE method can be used for system solutions, which consist in providing alternative workflows for performing specific tasks using the resources of the entire organization. Findings: The results of experiments at workplaces confirm the correctness of the research assumption: the evaluation of the employee's functioning in real time with the use of devices monitoring the physiological state can be effectively used in the process of improving the safety of using modern manufacturing technologies. Practical Implications: The conducted experiments with the use of motion sensors and devices monitoring the physiological state of an employee in Industry 4.0 maL16de it possible to observe factors influencing his functioning at work. Among other things, those that potentially threaten human health or life, and result from various nuisance factors. During a shift, an employee, with increasing fatigue, may perform the same learned tasks in a less safe and different way, which is a potential cause of work safety hazards. Originality Value: The added value of implementing ergonomic reengineering with the use of IT products is to obtain, concurrently to the production process without interference and interference, the profile of resource requirements for the optimal load in each workplace.

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