Methodological Aspects in Creating a Bilingual Polish-Ukrainian Terminological Dictionary in the Field of Management Communication

Oksana Erdeli, Yevhen Revtiuk, Joanna Puppel
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXIV, Special Issue 5, 152-165, 2021
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/2709


Purpose: The main aim of this article is to specify the methodological aspects in creating a bilingual Polish-Ukrainian terminological dictionary in the field of management communica-tion. In the case of the mentioned bilingual dictionary, the task is also to emphasize similarities and differences in defining terms, and to introduce a new meaning of the term into the thesau-rus of those two languages of neighbouring countries. Design/Methodology/Approach: In the article, the authors used descriptive analysis and are trying to find common conditions that can explain the chosen outcome of the terminological dictionary. Findings: The authors of this dictionary found out that there is a need for systematization and ordering of communication terminology in the field of management. This led to collecting and comparing the publication base of two cultural ethnoses – Polish and Ukrainian- in the field of communication in management and thus creating a mechanism for modifying the terminolo-gy for the development of the discipline 'Communication in management'. Practical Implications: The need for introducing this bilingual Polish-Ukrainian dictionary appears with wider expansion of cooperation between the two neighbouring countries. This cooperation is visible nowadays not only in the professional, but also in the academic niche. Originality/Value: The article discusses the creation of the first such bilingual, terminological dictionary in the field of management communication that can be used internationally.

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