Electromobility in Poland, Availability, Trends and Challenges

Artur Pomianowski
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXIV, Issue 4B, 612-622, 2021
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/2692


Purpose: The article deals with the issue of changes that take place in the habits of car users and in the automotive market in terms of introducing electromobility solutions. Basic documents show the necessity and possibility of developing electromobility in Europe and Poland. It indicates the harmfulness of the current transport model. The author paid special attention to the study of automotive preferences among the inhabitants of Polish cities Design/Methodology/Approach: The survey was carried out using the CAWI and direct survey method on a sample of over 200 residents from the ten most populated Polish cities. Conclusions: The study shows that choosing an electric car in the near future will become as common as petrol one. At the same time, the lack of sufficient infrastructure, especially public availability is clearly indicated. Practical Implications: The availability of charging points and the level of household income should be indicated as key for the development of electromobility. Consumers' attitudes related to experiences and concerns about new products are also not without significance. Originality/value: An attempt to identify the current mood towards electromobility, as well as practical obstacles in the purchase and operation of this type of vehicle.

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