Internal Security of the Republic of Poland and International Migration

Jarosław J. Piatek
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXIV, Special Issue 4, 196-205, 2021
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/2681


Purpose: The case study looks at actions intended to stop the crisis triggered by an uncontrolled influx of illegal migration across Poland-Belarus border. Legal measures act as examples of poorly successful mechanisms that are the basis of crisis management. The aim is to demonstrate the role of the state which carries out its responsibilities towards citizens but disregards and marginalises the importance of international commitments. Additionally, an analysis of political attitudes of decision-makers that determine the effectiveness of their participation. Design/Methodology/Approach: The state’s actions to counteract threats and outcomes of an uncontrolled influx of illegal migration are investigated by means of an analysis of the state’s legal measures and regime. Findings: An analysis of the actions of the authorities and the state in counteracting threats caused by an uncontrolled influx of illegal migration demonstrates that all measures at the state’s disposal should be taken to mitigate its negative effects. Owing to its potential, the state should create mechanisms that would serve to strengthen it in ensuring internal order and to reinforce its position in the international arena as an advocate of transnational values. The research shows that the scope of the state’s operation must be adjusted to the changing requirements and emerging threats. Practical implictions: The concept of counteracting threats and consequences of deterring the crisis caused by an uncontrolled influx of illegal migration across the Belarus border is as follows: security is a key challenge. Security-oriented actions involve multilevel and heterogeneous acts intended to reach the goal—ensuring security. Poland must comply with international law it is bound by. Persons that expressly communicate the need of international protection must be subject to asylum procedures, not be pushed back to Poland’s borders. Originality/value: The paper’s conceptual framework is determined by the application of the concept of compliance used in the analysis of the state’s actions by means of various approaches to the security policy, security management and praxeology.

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