Globalisation, Where?

European Research Studies Journal, Volume XIII, Issue 1, 189-200, 2010
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/266


Over the years, globalisation was given different conceptions, which reached the point of the introduction of the verb “to globalise”- first time appeared in 1944, in Merriam Webster Dictionary. Previous to that it only existed the concepts of “global” and “globalisation”. Through global it is understood an extension of the different connections between cities, giving birth to a new phenomenon, but also a special attribute. The “global space” or “global geography” concepts appear and they eliminate the bad influences of distances between cities and connecting them to each other, drawing new maps on which the lines will mark ways of travels, migrations, movements, communications, exchanges, etc. The application of global in the geographic field, lading to the physical expansion of that, has generated the globalisation, which meant an increase of the number and volume of global fluxes, but also an increase of the impact f global forces upon local life. The main moments and forces of the expansion mark the turning and the reference points in the history of globalisation.

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