Constitutional Determinants of Local Government Responsibility for Civil Protection as a Part of Security System in the Confederation of Switzerland

Anna Golebiowska, Weronika Jakubczak
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXIV, Issue 4, 930-940, 2021
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/2643


Purpose: The research aims to characterize legal and security aspects of constitutional determinants of local government responsibility for civil protection as a part of security system in the Confederation of Switzerland. Design/Methodology/Approach: Authors discuss various legal regulations of security aspects explained in Swiss security system, in particular in the text of Federal Constitution, where it expressed that it is based upon two components - armed forces and civil protection. During the research, authors use legal and comparative analysis as well as structural and functional analysis. Morover, the interpretation method is also present, which makes it possible to interpret legal acts regulationg security aspects. Authors use elements of the concept - descriptive and improving functional and modeling, and diagnostic and functional. Findings: The working hypothesis refers to assumption that current Swiss constitutional regulations highlighting the importance of Civil Protection and other legal acts enable the whole system to work efficiently. Moreover, good implementation of the aforementioned regulations are to be notices as an important part. Therefore the Swiss system can be taken as an example for other countries. Practical Implications: As a result of conducting the research, it is possible to identify threats and present some recommendations for legal and security aspects of ICT and Industry 4.0 so Financial Industry 4.0 can be developed safely as a part of critical infrastructure. Originality/Value: This is a complete research for legal and security aspects of ICT and Industry 4.0 importance for Financial Industry 4.0 development.

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