Multi-Sided Digital Platforms’ Application in SMEs’ Fashion Brands Internet-Enabled International Marketing

Marzanna Katarzyna, Witek-Hajduk, Anna Grudecka
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXIV, Issue 3B, 739-748, 2021
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/2498


Purpose: While the multi-sided digital platforms (MSPs) enjoy increasing interest regarding their business models and internationalisation, little research has been done on the application of MSPs in firms` foreign expansion. Specifically, it is unclear how MSPs can support small and medium enterprises` (SMEs) international marketing. The aim of this paper is to identify models of MSPs application in the Internet-enabled international marketing of SMEs’ fashion brands. Design/Methodology/Approach: As the research method a multiple-case study was used. Data were obtained from both in-depth interviews with managers of four Polish SMEs – owners of fashion brands, whose products are sold in the foreign markets via MSPs, and secondary sources. Findings: Studied companies offer their products via international MSPs originating from foreign markets and home country. It may be initiated both by platform`s operators, brand owner and a foreign distributor. Responsible for the relations with MSPs and in control over international marketing via MSPs may be both brand owner and a foreign distributor. Practical Implications: Presented models of MSPs application in international marketing can be used as a basis for shaping marketing strategies in this area. Originality/Value: This paper contributes to the better understanding of SMEs` Internet-enabled international marketing using MSPs.

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