Measuring Regional Development with RIV Models: A Case Study for Romania and the European Union

Ph.D. Professor Romeo Ionescu
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XII, Issue 4, 115-128, 2009
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/248


The paper deals with the analysis of the regional development using RIV model which uses a regional sphere. The regional development is analysed as a sum of boundless number of sphere sectors. We must carry out a translating process that should make the passage from a two to a three-dimension space. Each specific influence is allotted certain, clearly cut sphere sector as shown by the pattern. We consider standard life as the element aimed at by the study at issue. Using specific factors, RIV model can obtain a diachronic time-progress diagram. More, a series of relevant comparisons can be made between regions, between regions and the country mean or between regions and the E.U. average. RIV model allows completing forecasts using scenarios method which is able, for example, to provide the regional decisions makers with a wide range of possible involvements.

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