The Link Between Business Relations and Success of an Organization: A Research Study

Adam Wisniewski
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXIV, Special Issue 3, 521-535, 2021
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/2443


Purpose: Research in the field of business models is a challenge from the point of view of management science. Despite the increasing number of publications on this subject, attempts are still made to scrutinize the mechanisms of creating value by enterprises. An attempt was made to define an element of the business model which is the relationship with the measurable success of a sports club. Design/Methodology/Approach: Twenty-four volleyball clubs from the two highest levels of competition in Poland were studied.There was used a survey questionnaire research. The collected results were analyzed using the basic statistical tools presented in the article. In effect there was possibility to estimate Coefficient of Sports Club Relations. Findings: Main effect of the research was an indication of the correlation of the relationship element with the broadly defined success of the sports club, which as part of the conducted research, was defined as the market occupied position. Also, elements of relations have been identified that particularly imply the organization’s success Practical Implications: The article is a reference point for further research on the creation of values by sports organizations and is a contribution to the science of business models in general and, consequently, to the specific of the sports industry. The Coefficient of Sports Club Relations, developed as part of the research, provides an opportunity to explore collaboration with other organizations and determine the entity's market position and potential. Originality/Value: The presented tool introduces an innovative way of thinking about newly-built relationships. It brings new insights into relationship management. The discussed issue has been taken up for the first time on the team sport market in Poland and constitutes one of the scarce scientific items on a global scale.

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