Modeling the Data Entities used in the Financial Diagnosis through Onthologies

Ph.D Obancea Georgiana Daniela, Ph.D Professor Ilie Tamas
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XII, Issue 4, 47-54, 2009
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/243


The field of economy and finance is a conceptually rich domain where information is complex, huge in volume and a highly valuable business product by itself. The correct perception of the financial condition of a company is dependent upon the quality of its information processing system and also an important role has the analyst’s expertise. Monitoring and correcting inappropriate conditions become critical tasks, particularly to small and medium companies, where the presence of an expert is not affordable. A system capable of spotting the condition and suggesting alternative actions to control anomalies brings important advantages to the company. Effective financial diagnosis requires accurate, timely and relevant information. The ideal system will be one able not only to analyze the financial problems, but also to suggest the solutions. In order to accomplish these tasks, the artificial intelligence technologies offer a valid solution. In this research, we propose some possibilities to identify and integrate the data structures involved in the financial diagnosis, through the use of onthologies.

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