As a Pattern of a Healthy University Organization

Carmen Costea, Constantin Popescu, Alexandru Tasnadi, Liana Badea, Miltiade Stanciu
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XII, Issue 3, 101-118, 2009
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/234


In the quality of the living organism,inside where is actting one of the most important functions of the community – education, the educational organizations are in a health shape as long as their functioning is linked to normal and wished sense of human life in society, being a part of its fulfilment. The health of the university organization has to be conceived, done and used as the pattern of the education we done supply the fulfilment of human life as a part of our common living. In our oppinion, education in general, an the higher education in special, is responsible for the pozitive gain of human cognition, and for the negative gain of it. The difficult problems that life has to face at the level of our hole common living, are the consequences of human actions. In order to stop the unfavorable stream of our common evolution is essential to re-spiritualize the process of the education on the whole organic levels of it. The goal of our study is to make a research at the level of high scool graduates, their parents and higher education students linked to the involvement of higher education and its challange that we named it „healthy education”. Starting from these points we wished to validate by this research applied over the main beneficiaries of the educational process (students, would be students and their parents) which are the main characteristics of a healthy university organization, seen by the paradigma of the whole common living.

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