The Concept of Industry Supply Chains – A Pilot Study

Ewa Kulinska, Dariusz Maslowski, Małgorzata Dendera-Gruszka
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXIV, Issue 2B, 617-627, 2021
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/2313


Purpose: The paper presents an analysis of supply chain concepts and research on the industry supply chain. The aim of the paper was to present the industry supply chain for the heavy industry. Approach/Methodology/Design: The literature analysis conducted emerged supply chain concepts on theoretical grounds, which enabled the development of a supply chain concept dedicated to the heavy industry. The research methodology was also based on a 2016-2019 analysis of the heavy industry industry, an interview and a literature analysis of previously known supply chain concepts. The study group consists of nine business entities. Findings: The main conclusion of the article is that industrial supply chains operate without spatial constraints and use every possible mode of transport, depending on demand. The flow of goods is strongly dependent on energy prices, raw material prices and labour costs. Skilful stock control is an important factor. Practical Implications: It is safe to say that supply chains have existed since the beginning of entrepreneurship. The article helps to understand this phenomenon, as well as shows a practical look at a specific area of research through an extended research sample from heavy industry. A certain limitation may be that the industry is too dynamically changing. Consequently, the study of supply chain flows requires continuous improvement. Originality/Value: The analysis of the heavy industry sector enabled the development of interdependencies between the entities involved in the flow of goods. The article provides a basis for improving supply chains in the heavy industry sector.

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