Transport Platforms in the EU towards Sustainable Development

Malgorzata Poniatowska-Jaksch, Katarzyna Nowicka
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXIV, Issue 2, 779-797, 2021
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/2155


Purpose: The article aims to create a typology of transport platforms according to Gawer`s concept in the EU, their assessment through the prism of the concept of sustainable development and regulatory challenges. Design/Methodology/Approach: It is a conceptual paper based on the desk research method. The first step of the research was a literature review and critical analysis of the reports of research agencies devoted to transportation platforms phenomena. Next, building on established platform types’ model from Evans and Gawer, the verification of different transport platforms available on the EU market was conducted. Data were collected from case studies, exchange, and logistics platform websites, reports, and scientific literature. Several practical examples were studied and verified from the perspective of the theoretical platforms types’ model. Then the discussion is conducted on the value creation of each type of platform identified in light of sustainable development impact in the EU. Findings: Identification with examples in the EU transport market of transactional, innovative, integrated, and investment platforms. Presentation of economic, social benefits – the greatest for integrated platforms. Formulation of proposals for changes in the approach to regulation of the transport sector in the EU would 1) stimulate the development of platforms, 2) counteract the negative aspects of this phenomenon. Practical Implications: Classification of transport platforms that unable identification leading players of the transportation and logistics services available in the virtual world. Additionally, the way of further transportation platforms’ development can be observed based on the study results. It can also help to include the transport platform solutions within activities dedicated to improving sustainable development strategies. Originality/Value: The article indicates a new approach to classify transport platforms. It discusses how these types of business models can bring added value in light of their sustainable development. It points out the actions that the EU should undertake to improve sustainability by enhancing the role of digital solutions.

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