Trade-Offs Occurring in the Process of Commercialization of SARS-CoV-2 Test in a Narrow Window of Opportunity

Urszula Mikiewicz, Miroslaw Moroz
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXIV, Issue 2, 294-313, 2021
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/2127


Purpose: The aim of the paper is to assess the choices made within the trade-offs specific for the commercialization of a biomedical product in the circumstances of a narrow window of opportunity. Design/methodology/Approach: The analysis of the literature on this subject revealed a research gap in the analysis of the trade-offs occurring during R&D works in the process of the development and commercialization of a biomedical product in the circumstances of a narrow window of opportunity for market introduction. For the sake of capturing the dynamic specificity of the innovation process and its comprehensive presentation, the authors decided to use the case study method. Findings: The results of the research suggest that focusing on one factor (time) is possible when mobilising the entire potential of the enterprise, but ultimately it does not have to translate into faster launch of serial production and taking advantage of the window of opportunity. Research shows that excessive simplifications in the area of innovation process management lead to the need to re-implement some stages of the R&D works. Practical Implications: Conclusions from the analysis of trade-offs can help managers in making key decisions within the innovative process under time pressure. Originality/Value: Despite the time pressure, it is advisable to follow the main principles of conducting the research process, in particular, defining milestones in advance, exercising critical approach to formulating assumptions, taking care of good communication between R&D discipline teams, making at least a preliminary trade-off calculation.

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