Empirical Verification of Relationship Between Organizational Boundaries, Business Model Change and Outsourcing Scope and Maturity

Jakub Drzewiecki
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXIV, Special Issue 1, 1287-1311, 2021
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/2105


Purpose: The goal of the paper is to present the research results on empirical verification of a model of relationships between, the premises of organizational boundaries change, outsourcing`s scope and maturity, outsourcing`s effectiveness and the level of business model modification. Design/methodology/approach: The research sample was purposive and included 281 Polish companies. The main research tool was a survey questionnaire, supported by the CATI technique. To verify the model, the Structural Equations Modelling (SEM) method was used. The research was based on the Business Model Canvas framework, as well as author`s concept of outsourcing maturity characteristics. Findings: The results confirmed the existence of relationships between all the phenomena included within the research model, the only exception being the impact of outsourcing scope on its effectiveness. Specifically, the research proved the impact of outsourcing effectiveness on the level of business model changes in surveyed enterprises, as well as a strong relationship between outsourcing maturity and its effectiveness. The research enabled to identify outsourcing not only as a tool of organizational boundaries change, but also as one of the key methods of business model adaptation and alteration. Practical implications: The research indicates the need for extending the field of analysing outsourcing`s impact on the shape of the business model to adjust the scope and the outsourcing process to changes taking place in the enterprise, as well as its environment. Originality/value: The research can be used to develop future research directions, such as a more detailed explanation of the way outsourcing impacts the process of business model innovation.

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