Modelling Techniques for Life Premium Ratings

Mirela Cristea, Marijan Cingula
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XI, Issue 4, 39-48, 2008
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/200


The paper presents the modelling techniques used on international practice for establishing life premiums quota. Thus, the calculus techniques used by the insurers are generally based on a series of indicators named mortality indicators which mainly point out the insured persons’ survival probability, the death probability and life expectancy at certain age. In Romania, these indicators are settled by National Institute of Statistics and they represent the basis for the calculation of the premiums quotes and for the elaboration by the insurers of premium tables. The benefit for the policyholder is to obtain insurance at a fair and competitive price and for the insurer, to maintain the experience of its portfolio in line with mortality assumptions.

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