Survival of Enterprises versus Sustainable Development

Pawel Dec, Piotr Masiukiewicz
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXIV, Issue 1, 763-775, 2021
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/1993


Purpose: Attitude assessment of Polish and Portuguese managers towards the problem of compliance following the sustainable development principles in the context of running, and above all, the company's survival. Methodology: The research was conducted on a group of 200 randomly selected managers (presidents, board members, financial directors, company owners) from Poland and Portugal (100 people from each country), using the computer-assisted telephone interviewing method. Findings: Portuguese managers put survival in the first place rather than its activities following the principles of sustainable development; in Polish respondents, this indicator is more even. Failure to comply with the principles of sustainable development can be a significant cause of business bankruptcy. State aid for enterprises in crisis cannot be unconditional but dependent on their economic, financial situation, or importance for the economy. Practical Implications: The importance of responsibility for the observance of sustainable development principles and the company's survival showed that the continuation of the company's operations is still a priority for managers. Sustainable development principles should also be redefined every few years, considering the new ecological and climate threats, health issues, and economic crises. Originality/Value: Unique research of Polish and Portuguese high-level managers on the issue of their responsibility for the survival of enterprises or the company's operations following sustainable development principles. Their attitude to the occurring crises and their impact on enterprises' further functioning and finally state aid for bankrupt companies.

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