The Dynamics and Manifestations of Globalization

Mirela Mazilu
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XI, Issue 3, 83-90, 2008
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/193


There are many factors which impart the globalization dynamics: the more accelerated liberalization tendencies of commercial exchanges, the development, without precedent, of the capital markets which claim a bigger liberty of movement, the internationalization of production and distribution of the great trans-national societies, the huge leap of service commerce and – finally – the means provided by the quick progresses in the field of technologies. Globalization provides – on new dimensions – opportunity for some wider markets, the possibility of producing and marketing a larger range of goods, increasing chances for attracting capitals and for access the high technologies. But, at the same time, globalization leads to eliminating the existent barriers out of the free competition’s way, entire sectors being threatened with disappearance or at least “drastic” rationalizations for increasing the efficiency.

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