Shaping Competitiveness Through Policy: The Case of the Organic Food Market

Dominika Kuberska, Mariola Grzybowska-Brzezinska, Agnieszka Brelik
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXIII, Issue 4, 1334-1354, 2020
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/1913


Purpose: The paper presents the results of the study into competitiveness of the organic food market in the EU by looking closely into the policy which impacts the development of the organic food market in one of its Member States – Poland. Design/Methodology/Approach: The research presented is divided into two parts. First, it serves as a diagnosis of the EU agriculture and the organic food market competitiveness. It then looks closely into the case of the Polish organic food market and tackles the following question: to what extent has the policy contributed to its development and competitiveness? The research employs data from various sources which provide information on agriculture, the organic food market, and the Common Agricultural Policy. Findings: The situation on the organic food market in EU Member States varies greatly. Poland is an example of one of its newest states in which the organic food market has been expanding but does not seem to be closing the gap between the European leaders and itself with regard to competitiveness. Productivity is one of the issues that calls for rethinking of the current approach to interventions on the analyzed market. Practical Implications: Data suggests that despite various efforts the Polish organic market cannot seem to overcome obstacles to its further development. Policy makers should focus their attention on how to boost productivity on this market. Another practical implication which was not anticipated until the phase of data gathering is that data quality and availability leaves much to be desired. Originality/Value: The paper adds to the discussion on the development of the organic food market in the EU and, more precisely in Poland. It broadens knowledge on the relationship between financial support within the CAP and organic food market competitiveness.

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