Analysis of Human Deaths in Regard to Covid-19 Pandemic in European Countries

Bartosz Kozicki, Szymon Mitkow
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXIII, Special Issue 3, 213-227, 2020
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/1878


The study aims to carry out a multidimensional comparative analysis of the number of deaths in thirty-two European countries regarding COVID-19 in dynamic terms. The study's subject is thirty-two European countries, and the number of human deaths caused by COVID-19 will be the object of the study. Multidimensional comparative analyses were used for this purpose. The primary data were grouped and separated. Bar charts, line diagrams, and frame-nosed charts were used to detect emerging trends for interpretation. The study ends with a summary and conclusions. The study uses research methods in the form of a literature analysis, which deals with the multidimensional analysis and the disease called COVID-19. The following research tools were used: categorized frame-noses charts with arithmetic averages/means drawn, and line and bar charts. The study observes the lack of multidimensional comparative analyses of human deaths in European countries in dynamic terms, comparing them to the population of the entire countries concerned, the number of past deaths (2010-2019), and the deaths caused by COVID-19. The study attempts to analyse the deaths of people in regard to COVID-19 in thirty-two European countries.

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