Extending the Consumer Style Inventory to Define Consumer Typologies for Secondhand Clothing Consumption in Poland

Daniella Ryding, Claudia E. Henninger, Edyta Rudawska, Gianpaolo Vignali
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXIII, Special Issue 2, 410-433, 2020
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/1833


Purpose: This paper tests the generalizability and veracity of an extended version of the original consumer styles inventory (CSI) framework for an under examined context, secondhand clothing consumption in Poland. Design/Methodology/Approach: From the extant literature on retail fashion consumption in Poland, the CSI framework is newly extended to include four additional ‘styles’ for secondhand clothing, with four respective hypotheses formulated to test. A total of 509 questionnaires were commissioned by the Brand Experience Research Agency in Poland in July 2016. The target sample comprised a mixed sample almost evenly distributed between female (52.7% - 268 responses) and male (47.3% - 241 responses) participants. A representative sample of consumers geographically, with a majority living in cities across Poland between 50.000 and 500.000 inhabitants, was accessed. Findings: The results confirm that the original CSI framework is partially accepted within the Polish market, with overall results supporting a modified version of the inventory. The reported results highlight that there are some distinct cultural differences when applying the Consumer Styles Inventory in Poland, an overall finding that is synonymous with other international CSI studies. It can be concluded that consumers in emerging markets are to some extent different to those in developed markets, due to a variety of social as well as cultural and economic factors. Practical Implications: For Polish consumers, the purchase of secondhand garments appears to be a reflection, to follow shortcuts to pursue Western European patterns, where clothing is a form of resistance to purchasing newly produced mainstream fashion. Originality/Value: This research newly extends the CSI framework to incorporate additional shopper styles for Polish consumers. Furthermore, this study contributes to the body of research within the CSI remit by adding results for an additional country, which has been examined rarely before.

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