TRIBE 2.0 – The Microcommunity Needs in the Frames of the Sharing Economy Concept

Anna Jasinska-Biliczak
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXIII, Special Issue 2, 75-84, 2020
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/1809


Purpose: The purpose of the study was to identify the new needs of the society forming the tribes 2.0. The author presents the sharing economy concept sensu stricto and sensu largo. Design/Methodology/Approach: The proposed methodology consists of three stages: desk research, deepened interview, primary data analysis. It lets to find the need of redefining the owning goods concept taking into account needs of the microcommunity with its members budgetary constraints. Findings: There is possible to observe the change in the nowadays goods owning: owners notice that they do not use their property in the optimum way. Contrary, some goods are used only occasionally. Practical Implications: The results of presented research allow to develop the economy by pointing the new trends, which may have the influence at both the consumption and spreading of the sharing economy concept. Originality/value: Research fufills the gap in the mictrotribe 2.0 – strictly connected to sharing economy - needs analysis.

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