Scientific and Business Networks as a Stimulator of Eco-Innovations Diffusion in Small and Micro-Enterprises

Robert Kuceba, Marcin Zawada
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXIII, Special Issue 1, 790-802, 2020
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/1793


Purpose: The underlying objective of the paper is to indicate the nature of multi-actorial scientific and business networks, which support knowledge transfer, designing and implementing eco-innovations: product and process ones. Design/Methodology/Approach: Based on the case-study of an international network of eco-innovative services, the authors attempt to justify the selection of three groups of partners that create the value of eco-innovations for the sector of micro- and small enterprises: scientific and research units with facilities, intermediary organisations between research entities and business, as well as the distinguished economic entities. Findings: Eco-innovations reflect the “green activity” of micro and small enterprises and simultaneously are a tool of entrepreneurship, which provides resources with a possibility of creating sustainable value. Practical Implications: An attempt has been made to justify the „existence” of scientific and business networks – organisational networks of eco-innovations value for micro and small enterprises. These enterprises within the scientific and business networks are not only beneficiaries of commercialised in their operations eco-innovations, but also a legitimate group that cocreates these networks. Scientific and business network stimulate active involvement of these enterprises through developing their abilities and competencies in the scope of recognising, evaluating, implementing and commercialising eco-innovative solutions Originality/value: The scope of eco-innovations may go beyond the boundaries of innovations organisation and may comprise broader social structures, resulting in changes of the existing social and cultural standards and institutional structures. In the present paper its authors have focused on the organisational form of eco-innovations development support and at the same time dissemination in this sector.

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