Milk Recording as a Factor Influencing the Performance of the Dairy Sector in Poland

Bogdan Klepacki, Olga Olkowska, Piotr Borawski
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXIII, Special Issue 1, 66-78, 2020
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/1745


Purpose: This study aimed to evaluate the economic situation of dairy farms enrolled in milk recording and determine the impact of milk recording on the Polish dairy sector's productivity. Design/Methodology/Approach: The study involved agricultural holdings which specialized in dairy cattle farming in 2011-2013, kept continuous milk production records, conducted the required number of milk tests, were within the field of observation of the Polish Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN), and kept continuous accounts during the investigated period. Findings: The article analyzes the Polish milk market and the size and milk performance of the dairy cow population in Poland relative to selected EU countries. Milk recording was defined, and its objectives, the relevant laws, and methods were presented. The resources, organizational structure, output, financial performance, production value, sales, costs, and income of dairy farms enrolled in milk recording (listed in SYMLEK and FADN databases), and dairy farms listed in the FADN database only were compared. The costs associated with milk recording and the share of recording costs in the evaluated dairy farms' total costs were estimated. Practical implications: The results will fill in the gap concerning factors influencing the dairy sector's performance in Poland. Originality/Value: The new information about the potential effects of milk recording in the entire population of dairy cows in Poland in 2012-2017 was analyzed.

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