Corporate Social Responsibility – Analysing Social and Financial Performance The Case of Romania

Irina – Eugenia IAMANDI, Andreea Raluca CARAGIN, , Alina CHICIUDEAN, Mihaela Cristina DRAGOI
European Research Studies Journal, Volume X, Issue 3-4, 19-30, 2007
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/170


Our paper emphasizes the strategic importance of CSR both for companies and society as well. A comprehensive literature review reflects the challenges mainly associated with two different approaches: CSR as a profitable business practice that consolidates a good corporate image, or CSR as an inefficient way of using corporate resources, negatively correlated with financial performance. Our paper brings theoretical and practical evidence proving that CSR improves the business commercial and financial performance; certain correlations should be established between social and financial indicators. As a case study, we analyze an international company on the Romanian market that has increased its business performance by adopting different CSR measures.

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