The Complexity of the Living Entity - A New Paradigm

Prof. PhD, Constantin Popescu, Prof. PhD, Ion Gh. Ro ca, Prof. PhD, Viorel Lefter, Prof. PhD, Carmen Costea, Prof. PhD, Alexandru Tasnadi, Assist. Prof. Liana Badea, PhD Student Miltiade Stanciu
European Research Studies Journal, Volume X, Issue 3-4, 3-18, 2007
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/169


The authors of this paper consider themselves as adepts of Adler’s theory sustaining the idea that human beings cannot authentically progress outside the acknowledgement of their feelings and interconnectedness for living and work activities as parts of the whole society. Following this point of view, the achievement of all necessities of life, inside the society, is a systemic process of consciousness supposing the freedom as an assumed responsibility. From this perspective, the humanity should switch from the knowledge based society’s concepts to those of the application of assumed responsibility where scientific knowledge becomes a must to knowing and evaluating the whole living soundness at any level (individuals, family, official entities and authorities, communities, environment). We will use the term of network effect generated by the communication for the whole living of the national academic society facing deep challenges and transformations. This way we intend to promote the re-spiritualization of the education under a national program, so that the durable change be produced and proved, from the inside to the outside of our daily societal life . Working on a model to set up a new way to measuring the soundness of any whole living, we are applying the model to determine the soundness of an university; to understand the evolution of the whole it is necessary to study the evolution and reaction of its components.

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