Innovation Capability Development in Regional Entrepreneurship: The Case of Economies in Transition

Jasinska-Biliczak Anna, Kowal Jolanta
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXIII, Issue 4, 6-32, 2020
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/1669


Purpose: The first purpose of this study is to identify and explore IT professionals’ innovation capability (IC) in terms of two dimensions: organizational and individual, in regional, micro-sized, and small organizations (RMSOs) in Poland, a transition economy. The second goal is to find demographic and organizational factors which may influence IC. Design/Methodology/Approach: The authors unites an analysis comprised multiple-case studies based on mixed methods. The study employed qualitative and quantitative methods such as the method of competent judges, in-depth interviews and a structured survey as well as a combination of random and snowball sampling. On the basis of a survey among 60 IT professionals (supervisors and subordinates) the authors identified individual IC factors such as social competences, knowledge and skills, as well as organizational dimensions, such as the type of innovative change and ICT innovations. Factors influencing IC on an individual basis include position, education, age, and gender, while organizational determinants are related to organization size and location. Findings: The proposed methodology let to find the benefits for management practices in transition economies, an underestimated problem within RMSOs. Practical Implications: The current research expands the existing knowledge stream on ICT innovation capability in relation to individual socio-demographic factors and organizational factors, affecting its development in RMSOs in transition economies. This study adds potential to the implementation of the management practices in transition economies, an underestimated problem within RMSOs. Originality/Value: The authors purpose, as the novelty, the new approach of ICT innovation capability at the organizational and individual levels of an enterprise tool. We developed our previous tool – the Questionnaire of Innovation Capability (QIC). The authors defined its two dimensions, as organizational innovation capability and individual innovation capability. The use of RMSOs in transition economies yielded rich data for further research.

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