Multidimensional Analysis of the Relationship between Sustainable Living Conditions and Long and Good Health in the European Union Countries

Anna Murawska, Bartosz Mickiewicz, Małgorzata Zajdel, Małgorzata Michalcewicz-Kaniowska
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXIII, Issue 3, 716-735, 2020
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/1664


Purpose: The main goal of the study is to determine the relationship between two multidimensional phenomena, i.e., sustainable living conditions of households and the long and good health of the populations of the European Union countries. In particular, the analysis focused on showing the differences between EU(28) countries in terms of the research indicators used, the diagnosis of the relationships between them, creating synthetic measures for the investigated phenomena, as well as creating rankings and groups of countries with similar characteristics. Design/Approach/Methodology: The issues were evaluated using 23 indicators. The empirical data consisted of information from the European Statistical Office. The analysis covered 28 European Union countries. The study was carried out between 2010 and 2018. The empirical data was subjected to statistical analysis using STATISICA and Microsoft Excel software. Findings: The analyses showed that sustainable living conditions of households in the EU(28) countries affect the number of healthy life years of their populations. In countries that are relatively more often affected by financial issues and limited living conditions, have low income and are at risk of poverty, are exposed to noise and air pollution, their populations are healthy for shorter periods of time, less often perceive their health as good or very good. Practical Implications: The results are compared with other possible forms of relationships, sustainable living conditions of households with long and good health of the population. Originality/Value: The study included some detailed calculations involving selected living conditions of households in EU(28) countries and showed how they affect the life expectancy and health.

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